Eco Diary

~ The Eco Diary of Kiran Singer ~
Winner of the ASPCA Henry Bergh Award 2008

The Eco Diary of Kiran Singer is a children’s book written by Sue Ann Alderson, illustrated by Millie Ballance and published by Tradewind Books. It is a book of poems about Camosun Bog which is situated at the edge of Pacific Spirit Regional Park in Vancouver.
The poems describe the plants, birds and animals that still thrive in this ancient bog, thanks to the efforts of a group of volunteers who call themselves The Crazy Boggers and who have worked hard to rescue and preserve the bog.
The Eco Diary of Kiran Singer was nominated for the Norma Fleck award for Canadian young adult non-fiction and was the winner of the ASPCA Henry Bergh Award 2008. It was also nominated for the Chocolate Lily Award.

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dear-grandma400 the-woods-around400 monday-noon400

tea-party400 pond-scene400 diary400

like-a-poem400 enchanted-bog400 crazy-bogger400

slime-mold400 monday-morning400 blueberries2400

thursday-afternoon400 barrow400 bog-walker400

eagles-and-crows400 coyote400 bushtit400

shrew400 bat400 tree-frog400

sundew400 racoon400 labrador-tea400

hummingbird400 barred-owl400 bog-laurel400

woodpecker flying-squirrel400 blueberries400

Yellow Pond Lilly nighttime400 vole400

douglas-squirrel400 mayfly reeds400

wednesday400 woodpecker

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